Endings and Beginnings

16 08 2008

I walked through the gorgeous Gannett/USA Today building today for the last time. I turned in my badge (“You mean I can’t keep it as a souvenir?”)

My internship has ended.

But, I went out with a bang. I’ve had six stories in print, plus two more that won’t be published until a special section in a couple months. I’ve edited two state-by-state charts and contributed on a number of other stories. Furthermore, all but one or two of the stories were my ideas — things I found that had a national trend — and one story became the most read and emailed story online on the day it was published.

I’ve heard others have had internships where editors have bemoaned the dying newspaper industry. I was fortunate to not have that experience — the editors and reporters simply understand that they need to continue to adapt to the changing industry.

Even when they’re being hit with the news of a 3% reduction in staff, they keep their heads up. They make jokes when they learn that stock has jumped 10% on the news.

I’m heading back to Penn State on Wednesday, but will remain a freelance writer for USA Today, occasionally writing stories (I already have two I’m looking into). At the same time, I will be a copy editor at The Daily Collegian, which should be a fun challenge. I definitely enjoy editing and get way too excited when I find widows to cut.

So, as always, with every ending, comes a new beginning.




3 responses

16 08 2008
Greg Linch


Doesn’t everyone like to cut widows?

16 08 2008
Katharine Lackey

Maybe…. but does everyone get like super excited?

5 09 2008
Kelsey Collins

Ah, and then some day, you’ll discover in the real world of editing, that most people don’t care about widows and you can easily fix them by adjusting the leading and kerning (aka the spaces between the letters and lines of the article), which TDC doesn’t allow editors to do.

Sharkey still instilled a hatred of widows in me, though.

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